Unlock your Kids’ potential with game coding!

We teach kids how to make their own game in minutes using a game engine called Construct 2 which uses beginner-friendly visual programming that is easy to use yet hard to master!

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Give your kids a head start in technology!
One of the easiest ways to get kids engaged is to create a environment full of fun and learning! Games are inherently fun, and kids can have one running almost instantly with our course.


Course Overview

The courses are most suitable for children ages 8 to 14

Visual Programming
Construct 2’s coding is visual and easy to pick up for any age!
2D Art and Pixel Art
We show kids how to draw their own computer art!
2D Animation
Kids will bring their creations to life with animation!
Game Design
We show kids the planning process of game creation
Kids will test their own games as well as those of others
We will show kids how to release their games

Course Information

This holiday, instead of just playing games, get your child involved in making them instead!
Set them up for a bright future as programmers in the IT industry, professional video game developers, or even the next big entrepreneur!

The course will cover:

  • Basic visual coding with Construct 2
  • Pixel art and Animation
  • Level Design
  • Gameplay Testing
  • Shader effects
  • Adding Music and Sound
  • User Interface creation

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A great day of game dev at Grid Auckland!

Our Team

Our team is thoroughly experienced in commercial game development and are passionate gamers themselves!


Joe Chang


Joe is a video games consultant and has had 15 years in corporate IT.


Scott Thompson


Scott is an independent games developer working on a multiplayer racing game.


Tyren Chang

Assistant Tutor

Tyren is a highschool student who helps out individual students.

Try Some Games!

Play some of the past students' games!

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